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The Christian Development Outreach Center offers services to the community such as mentoring programs, athletics, job preparation, community outreach, and after school programs. We aspire to also share the love of Christ with all of the CDOC participants.

The goal of the CDOC is to address the needs of the residents of this community including educational needs, spiritual needs, and making resources available for victims of all types of abuse.

We aim to promote certain core values among those who utilize the Christian Development Outreach Center such as a stronger and more positive sense of family, education, community, work ethic, and trustworthiness among many other positive values.

Youth Ministry (YKB)

The Youth Ministry at Rising Sun, also known as YKB (Youth Kingdom Builders), aims to encourage spiritual growth among our young people as well as teach life lessons and Godly principles through various group activities and community service projects.

Our Youth Pastor, Vincent Clark, works hard to make sure that the youth of Rising Sun actually benefit spiritually from the activities that they participate in. The purpose of YKB is to bring youth to Jesus, to encourage, develop, and equip them for thier life mission in the world, and to help them to be productive citizens in the community and the world in which they live.

There are various departments that make up our Youth Ministry. Each department caters to a specific age group, gender, and/or issue. Information about a few of these departments have been made available through the links listed below.

Dove Ministry

Daughters Of Virtue and Encouragement is the new face of the Women’s Department at Rising Sun. DOVE aims to foster healthier friendships and a deeper intimacy with God which helps develop a close-knit community of women who help to motivate each other to become all that they can be in the Lord.     Read more


PCCNA stands for Pentecostal Charismatic Churches of North America. Its purpose is to provide a framework for fellowship, dialogue, and cooperation among Pentecostal and Charismatic churches and ministries all across America. The PCCNA also promotes racial reconciliation within the body of Christ. 

The PCCNA, along with Pastor Aaron Campbell of Rising Sun Outreach Ministries and president of the Memphis chapter of the organization, is enthusiastically working to bridge the gap and mend the divide that currently exists in the church today.

In order to render a united front on the road to “bring[ing] people to Jesus and membership in His family” as  stated in the purpose statement of Rising Sun Outreach Ministries, a rapport has to be established and maintained among the various denominations and ethnicities within the body of Christ. The PCCNA cultivates this kinship through numerous rallies, conferences, and community based events. Each church brings something different to this cause. Resources are pooled together to carry out the collective principles of the PCCNA.

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